The Meg

This film was a smash at both the UK and worldwide box office; recieving a great deal of praise from the general public. However, it was not such a hit with critics and recieved the unwelcome tag of “forgettable B-Movie” (as well as just a 47% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 46/100 average on Metacritic.) However, I was interested in making my own mind up on the film; if only see how it compared to the classic shark film I had only recently seen, Jaws.

What is it about?

Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) is a deep sea rescue diver and is the only man to have rescued people from below 10,000 metres and lived to tell the tale. Therefore, when members of the crew from Mana One, a marine life research facility positioned in the ocean, are attacked at a depth approaching 11,000 metres; Jonas is the only man to call. However, after his last rescue mission, where he lost his two best friends while under attack from a “huge beast” that only he believes in, he is reluctant to return despite three lives hanging in the balance. Despite initial objections, news that his ex-wife is down there finally persuades him to go. However, when he gets down there; he finds that the crash was no accident and actually the work of a beast living in the depths, very similar to the one he believed attacked him and his friends five years ago.

What did I think?

Jason Statham was probably the best part about this film; as, he is a likeable protagonist whose dead pan humour was somewhat amusing. The only other interesting thing about this film was the gargantuan size of the Megalodon; which was quite extraordinary even when compared to the beasts in Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Rampage’.

Apart from those two things, this film is abhorrent. I have never felt so detached from a film before on both: a physical level (purely the substance of the scenes on the screen) and an emotional level (how these scenes made me feel.) Moreover, never before have I so strongly considered walking out of the cinema as I did in this film; as, I was mind-numbingly bored and couldn’t find any part of the plot that engaged me, right from the start. To call anything in this film tense or dramatic would be a huge overstatement and would devalue the importance of the adjectives when used to describe more deserving films. Furthermore, I can’t believe that anybody watching this film could care at all whether the shark ate everybody in the whole world, because I couldn’t even sense a trance of an emotional connection between me and the film’s characters. The relationships developed within the film were nonsense. The central relationship between Jonas and Suyin (Bingbing Li) was a joke and was accompanied by a number of other poorly explored and developed connections. Also, the script was so predictable, I actually began to mouth subsequent lines. It copies the format of Jaws so blatantly that you could actually predict plot points that hadn’t even begun to develop yet. Using this system in my head I successfully predicted all but one of the similar plot points. Something else that annoyed me was, nobody on the Mana One Base seemed to have a clue about Marine Biology. But finally, it was just rubbish; every component part of this film was awful and the end product was infinitely more appalling than just the sum of it’s parts.

My Rating: 2/10

My Bottom Three of the Year:

  1. The Meg
  2. Status Update
  3. Peter Rabbit

This film is the WORST I have ever seen and by the end, it made me angry with myself if I thought that there was even a moment I might enjoy. Don’t make the same mistake I did, you do not want want to see this film.

2 thoughts on “The Meg

  1. “Forgettable B movie” is a perfect description of this movie. The whole thing was cheesy, predictable, and quite ridiculous. But somehow I enjoyed it somewhat, but wish I would have waited until it came out on video. I wanted to see the shark on the big screen but it wasn’t impressive enough that seeing it at home would take away from it. Here’s what saved it for me- First, I like Jason Statham. The second thing is they didn’t try to make a bad movie gain viewers with over the top gore. For a shark movie it was quite tame. And lastly, Shuya Sophia Cai’s character Meiying was awesome. She was cute, lovable, and it was hard not to smile when she smiled and feel a little tension when she was in peril. I have a half Asian daughter the same age as Shuyu was when this was filmed with the same personality and wit, so the connection was personal to her character. But overall this isn’t a good movie and I see where most will actually hate it and put it in the realm of Peter Rabbit.

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