The Social Network

The Social Network is a film I have always wanted to see; but, was never convinced I would like. So, when I had to make a choice of what to watch, this would always place second. However, last night with my choice tied between Prisoners and The Social Network; my parents informed me that they had enjoyed The Social Network, which was information formerly unbeknownst to me, so I finally went ahead and watched it.

What is it about?

This film follows the meteoric rise of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook: from it’s time as a only exclusive website (meant simply to attach names to faces) and how it progressed to over one million users across the world. It also presents the multiple law suits Zuckerberg faced: from his initial investor Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield,) who felt betrayed when his 30% stake was diluted down to just 10%; to the Winklevosses and Divya Narendra, who felt they were victims of intellectual property theft (for their idea of a website connecting the Harvard community.) The film smartly intertwines the different time periods to connect the progress of the law suits, with the set up of the website.

What did I think?

It is VERY unlikely that this film could have been made in a way that I would enjoy more, because it was absolutely fantastic. The opening scene with Jesse Eisenberg and Rooney Mara in a bar was one of the best scenes of a film I have ever seen. The quick interplay in the conversation was so exciting and snappy; I was constantly on the edge of my seat with absolutely no idea where it would go next. This is an experience I have never had before listening to characters who I don’t even know yet. Then, even as Eisenberg ran back to his Harvard dorms, something that would often be regarded by me as monotonous and tedious, the camera angles that constantly flitted and changed made it more exhilarating than most action film climaxes. I could go on and on, recounting my experience of every scene throughout the film; however, I would be here forever highlighting my praise. In short, every scene in this film packed a punch; with actions having severe and direct consequences in both the short and long term, as we see from both of this film’s strains of narrative. I thought the ending was very satisfying and left me off on a remarkable high with a desire to know more about the truth behind this film’s subject matter. Therefore, I believe this film did something I didn’t think a non-fiction project could do and that was, leave you on a cliffhanger.

However, despite my absolute joy with the film, looking into the actual subject matter further I found a couple of things that were not fully reflected in the narrative. If you are interested in reading more into this then I suggest reading these two articles as they were very enlightening:


Therefore although I believe the film is very good I wouldn’t take every plot point as fact; as after all, it’s a Hollywood production that will have it’s own bias and opinion (so try to read around.) Moreover, although this is one of my favourite films ever, when I compare it to works such as Baby Driver and La La Land, it is just not quite as magnificent. However, my pleasure with Baby Driver and La La Land only increased upon second viewing and over time; so, I wonder whether the same will become true of The Social Network.

My Rating: 9/10

This film was an absolute masterpiece. The only reason I have placed it at a conservative 9/10 for now, is to see how my opinion changes of it over time as it allows me to adjust it from there. However, despite the rating; this film definitely deserves it’s place in my Top Three this year.

My amended Top 3 of 2018:

  1. Call Me by Your Name
  2. The Social Network
  3. Logan

Looking back on ‘Call Me by Your Name’ I am worried that upon repeat viewing it will not have the same effect; however, in the near future I will be watching it again and will update you as to how my opinion has changed or not.

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2 thoughts on “The Social Network

  1. This was a really good movie. Somehow they made it exciting and as you said, quite a bit of “on the edge of your seat” moments. It did demonize Mark Zuckerberg as much as someone can possibly be demonized. Whether or not that is deserved, I don’t know much about him or how things came to be for FB, so I’ll withhold judgement. But whether over the top or not on how they reflected Zuckerberg, it was still a great movie.

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