Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

I’ll be honest, going into this film I fully expected to hate it. I wasn’t a big fan of the first one and I didn’t see what they could do to make the drama intriguing enough to pack an emotional punch, along with such ridiculous tie-ins to the ABBA songs. However, my parents had seen it and enjoyed; so I thought I would at least “take a chance” on the sequel.

What is it about?

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, picks up the story with Sophie (Amanda Seyfried,) in the present, mourning the loss of her mother Donna (Meryl Streep;) while in the final stages of renovating their old house into Donna’s dream of a hotel, named in her honour as ‘Hotel Bella Donna’. Moreover, the film also tells the tale of young Donna (Lily James,) after graduating from Oxford University in 1979; including the adventures that ultimately lead to her arrival on the island and the birth of Sophie. While their two stories play out concurrently it soon becomes clear that Sophie and Donna are even more closely intertwined than they could ever have imagined.

What did I think?

I LOVED THIS FILM. In my time since watching it, I have happily shouted that loud and proud wherever I have been. Unashamedly, I will admit that this film made me cry twice, as it touched me deeply. When I was crying it wasn’t even solely through sadness; as throughout the whole film I had a beaming smile rigidly attached, even as solitary tears crept down my face. The film had me in a place of raw emotion and seemed to push my buttons at will, for the entirety of it’s duration. I thought Lily James was fantastic and played Donna brilliantly with great energy. Also, her singing and dancing was superb. Although Amanda Seyfried was great; I thought that Young Rosie and Tanya were the two other standouts as they injected great humour into the film, whenever they were on screen. I enjoyed the drama and actually felt that the ABBA songs were not a hindrance, but instead helped to accentuate the emotion, as it complemented the majority of scenes throughout. Finally, it looked like everyone on screen was having fun, which was very infectious and meant that I too was helplessly enjoying myself.

Although this film was great, when you actually scrutinise it, in points it is absolute nonsense. It took me a little while to overcome my reservations about the film; as I thought the initial scene of Donna’s graduation into song, was rubbish and supported my thoughts on the outset that the same would be true of the whole film. Moreover, I thought the scene featuring Sky (Dominic Cooper) and Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) was just horrible. However, despite a rough opening ten minutes; I was completely convinced thereafter and just went in every direction the film took me no matter how ridiculous it was (because looking back at, it in points it was quite inconceivable.)

My Rating- 8/10

Sure it was stupid; but, the second you get over that this film is overwhelmingly joyous. It was the most fun I have had in cinema all year as: the songs, the story and the general emotion, were just fabulous. I can’t wait to watch it again and couldn’t recommend it strongly enough because it is actually a good film.

P.S- Stay right to the end of the credits as their is a very funny scene, including the scene-stealing Omid Djalili, to look forward to.

Jude 🙂

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