Incredibles 2

I have been looking for the perfect film to review; but, after watching: The Secret of Marrowbone and Skyscraper I hadn’t felt particularly inclined to share my opinion. However, after watching ‘Incredibles 2’, I was instantly persuaded to add my thoughts to the myriad of reviews already in circulation.

Although, I don’t remember the initial film in great detail, all of my thoughts surrounding it are positive, therefore with the wave of praise for the sequel I couldn’t wait to see where it picked up. I had heard that, although it had taken 14 years for the sequel to finally come to our screens, it actually picked up just seconds after the events of the first film, amongst the battle with ‘The Underminer’. For a film to do this and work successfully; it really had to impress me, as it had a lot of expectation riding on it.

What is it about?

Picking up right where the first film left us, “supers” are still illegal and despite the work of the Incredibles; from the rest of the world’s perspective all they had caused was chaos and destruction. However, when Winston Deavor, a huge superhero fan and owner of DevTech Technology, proposes a strategy to increase public support for the legalisation of supers; Elastigirl is seen as their “best play” (with a consistent record for low collateral damage.) However, her rise is opposed by the Screen Slaver who attempts to sabotage Elastigirl’s heroic efforts by adding to the chaos. Concurrently, Mr Incredible deals with the tiredness, monotony and difficulty of domestic life, with: Math with Dash; boy problems with Violet and new powers emerging from the only member of the family who was thought to be without- Jack Jack.

What did I think?

I loved it. I thought it was fun, exciting and interesting and wholly worked as a fabulous animation film. I thought that each character had a well defined arc: which meant that within the main shift of the story, there were numerous spindles of interesting plot (allowing us to continually engage throughout, with no time for boredom or a lack of interest.) Personally, my favourite character was Jack-Jack; as, seeing his powers come to life, while he had no control over them, was hilariously funny and made for genuinely intriguing drama. However, I also thought that the idea of the Screen Slaver was particularly ingenious; as it worked incredibly well to provide a mysterious antagonist for The Incredibles (and Frozone.) Finally, I thought the CGI was incredible. Of course when a film has a budget of 200 million dollars you would expect it to be good; however, there were times during my viewing where I just sat back and admired the incredible view.

Although, I did love the vast majority of this film, I thought the end was a little too safe and easy. For such lavish and abundant build up, it was all over too soon when we finally reached the denouement. Also, I felt that with so many other superheroes introduced throughout the film; when fights eventually broke out, it felt a little bit childish and silly.

My Rating- 8/10

The film, despite it’s failings towards the end, really did work for me. I loved where they took the plot and can’t wait to see where they take the Incredibles, and more specifically Jack-Jack, next time around. Make sure to see it in cinema, as it truly deserves the cinematic experience.

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