Ocean’s 8

I had pretty mediocre expectations for this film and little hopes for them to be raised; but went into it with my tempered emotions, looking for something enjoyable that would pass the time. I was looking forward to seeing the all-star cast and relatively excited to see how the plot would reveal itself; but, felt at face value it was an unnecessary addition to the Ocean’s franchise. (However, as I have not seen the former films, I can’t make and informed judgement on this, as I am predominantly basing this on the opinions of others.)

What is it about?

Ocean’s 8 centres around Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock,) a recently released felon of five years, who assembles an all female crew to attempt an “impossible” heist. Their goal, to steal ‘The Touissant’ from Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) and make it away with sixteen and a half million each.

What did I think?

The cast is quite incredible, with: Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway, as previously mentioned, as well as: Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Awkwafina, Sarah Paulson and Mindy Kaling. Also, there were a startling number of cameos throughout the film from huge stars who got nothing but a wash of the camera as it briefly passed by. However, a film can’t just rely on a brilliant cast to pull it through, it also needs: good writing and good direction. I thought that the plot sufficed, in the respect that, it passed the time and I was very rarely bored throughout. I also thought it was quite good fun, and therefore it managed to engage my attention for the majority of the running time. Unfortunately, although a lot of the devices used in this film were enough to scrape it’s way through, nothing ever stood out to me and said “this is great.”

Most of the sequences, apart from those of the last five minutes, were mediocre at best. They were also often overtly similar to previous attempts within the film to do something flashy and stylish; but they just seemed to fall flat, time after time. I thought the writing was poor as it never aroused any jeopardy and made sure that their “impossible” heist was relatively easy. The fact that almost no obstacles opposed the women, may have been used to accentuate the impressiveness of Sandra Bullock’s plan. However, as an audience we don’t go to see a film expecting a group of people to: walk into a building; take a priceless diamond necklace and walk out with no consequences. Although, this is clearly an abridged version, this refined synopsis mirrors the film’s general trajectory. Finally, it wasn’t a good film. Although it may have breezed past at a reasonable pace- it just wasn’t impressive enough in any aspect to suggest that it truly worked.

Final Thoughts…

My mediocre expectations going into this film, were not raised or dramatically dropped, but instead maintained at a very average level. I thought as a film it was bad, but had features, including it’s cast, that made it enjoyable enough to pass the time. I would advise those planning to see this film to stay away (unless you are particularly interested by the cast or just want to see where they take the Ocean’s franchise.)

My Rating- 5/10

One thought on “Ocean’s 8

  1. I enjoyed the other Oceans movies and went into this one knowing it could never live up to the others but hoped it would be at least entertaining. Like you, my mediocre expectations weren’t exceeded, but luckily it didn’t fall underneath either.

    I loved the fact that the ladies were as unapologetically criminal as the male bunch, and they made for some reasonably funny antiheroes. However, I didn’t seem to connect to them as much as the men, maybe it was the gender difference.

    But overall, it made for an entertaining lunch date with my wife, so I wasn’t disappointed. At least it wasn’t another gender switch flop like Ghostbusters.

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