Deadpool 2

I was swept up in the charm, charisma and violence of the last film and have been waiting ever since for Round 2. So on the opening night of it’s cinematic release, I made my way down to my local Odeon to relieve a little stress from the start of my exams. Although I had loved the first one, living up to this a second time round was going to be a difficult feat, so my expectations were relatively subdued. But I had no reason to worry…

What is it about?

With this film we are thrown straight back into the satirical, impressively violent world of Deadpool. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds,) is doing his best to be “the good guy” by doing what he knows best- killing the bad guys. However, things become more complicated when Cable (Josh Brolin,) a soldier from the future, mercilessly hunts down Russel (Julian Dennison) a fire wielding mutant. Deadpool begins to assemble a team, X-Force, to defend the boy and fight Cable.

What did I think?

Well I must admit I was very surprised by just how great this film was. I’m going to start by saying- I think this film is actually better than the first one. I am just as surprised to be saying this, as you probably are to be reading it; however, the film just delivered: joke after joke; scene after scene; line after line. Ryan Reynolds is the only person who could play Deadpool the way he does- his mix of style, with complete weirdness, totally works. I liked the new characters, notably: Domino (Zazie Beetz) as she was just hilarious and also I thought the Headmaster (Eddie Marsan) was really quite sinister which allowed for a mix of other emotions rather than just joy. This film is an exhilarating rush of an experience and everybody should go and see it. Finally, the mid-credit sequence is one of THE BEST things I have ever seen.

I enjoyed this film completely throughout. Therefore it is difficult to think of loopholes as these are all more minor technical points. However, if I was to complain, I would like to have seen more from the new characters, Domino and Cable. I think more could have been done to expand on them and this would have allowed for a broader focus leading onto Deadpool 3. Conversely, this is a Deadpool movie and the other characters are mainly there to add to subplots and funny lines, so I can’t complain too much.

I think it is pretty clear that I liked the film. It is funny and violent, with a growing emotional undertone (and I will definitely be seeing it again in cinema.)

My Rating- 8.5/10

My new top 3 of the year:

  1. Call Me by Your Name
  2. Deadpool 2
  3. Brokeback Mountain

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