Avengers: Infinity War

As you may be surprised to hear, I wasn’t as excited as many for the release of this film. However, when I looked on IMDb at the then 9.2/10 rating it had been given, now 9.1, I was shocked and had my expectations dramatically raised. So, I booked my ticket and made my way down to my local Odeon, excited, but also dubious that it wouldn’t live up to the hype. But does the film justify that 9.1/10 or not?

What is it about?

If you have been living on this planet in the last ten years, then you are sure to have seen AT LEAST one of the MCU films that have been leading up to the latest instalment of the franchise. This film takes all of the characters we have come to love over the years and puts them together against their greatest challenge yet, Thanos. They must learn to ignore schisms within the group and work together, as only then do they stand any chance of eradicating the threat. Just to give you some idea as to the scale of the film here is a list of some of the characters it features: Captain America (Chris Evans,) Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman,) Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.,) Thor (Chris Hemsworth,) Loki (Tom Hiddleston,) Hulk (Mark Ruffalo,) Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson,) War Machine (Don Cheadle,) Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch,) Spider Man (Tom Holland,) Star Lord (Chris Pratt,) Gamora (Zoe Saldana,) Rocket (Bradley Cooper,) Nebula (Karen Gillan,) Vision (Paul Bettany,) Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and many more…

(This Section will be Spoiler-Free)

What did I think?

I thought this film did an excellent job of incorporating all of the aforementioned characters and many more into the story. They each were attached to important sections of the plot and each character’s individual drives and motivations were made explicitly clear throughout. However, what I found most impressive, was the way the film moved between each section of the story and allowed the story to progress in such a way that what happened on one side of the universe, was having direct consequences on another. It was very funny and I, along with the rest of the cinema, laughed out loud on a number of occasions. Some risks were taken with the plot, which generally allowed us to engage with the film throughout it’s staggering 149 minute running time; however, not enough, in my opinion, for me to say that I loved it.

This film is too long. Sure, I was engaged with the film for the most part, but, at others I found myself completely disengaging and thinking about other things. I would like to say that this was for short periods and didn’t affect my overall experience, but that just isn’t true. At points I was just bored and even when I was engaged I began to judge the film’s credibility and it didn’t fair well in my eyes. I was almost totally emotionally disengaged and didn’t fully empathise with the plight of any of the main protagonists. Finally, the film left me thinking: Why is this happening and Why is that happening; which just made everything feel completely non-sensical, as at it’s worst all that was actually going on was superheroes: getting beaten up or beating up monsters from out of space. And that was just stupid.

Although, there were lots of things wrong with this film, I did still enjoy it and for the most part it maintained my engagement. It is credit to the good parts, that after some real lows I managed to get back on track with the story. I liked being in the company of all of the superheroes and I look forward to the finale this time next year.

My Rating: 7/10 (So no that 9.1/10 is not justified.)

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3 thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War

  1. I’m not a particular fan of this franchise though some appeal mo’re than others. So it’s always good to hear am alternative view to all the hype. I think I’ll see it even if I end up wondering if gogglebox might not have been a better bet
    Thanks for the follow BTW.. v kind

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