For the first couple of weeks of this film’s release, I just avoided it as it didn’t appeal to me. However, after hearing overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans, I was encouraged to go and check it out in cinema with my friends. Our verdict on the film was unanimous, but was it enjoyable or boring?

What is it about?

Three girls: Julie (Kathryn Newton;) Sam (Gideon Adlon) and Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan,) make a pact to each lose their virginity on Prom Night. However, when their parents find out what they are planning, they embark on their ruthless quest to stop them at all costs. As you may expect, this really does mean AT ALL COSTS! Lisa (Leslie Mann,) Mitchell (John Cena) and Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) pursue their daughters across town; going to complete embarrassment extremes, just to get hold of them. But will they manage to stop them in time?

What did I think?

I must admit I was surprised by this film. Initially, I was expecting some mild chuckles, frequented with long intermissions of awkwardness; nevertheless, what I was greeted with was much more interesting (as well as hilariously funny.) Some of the dialogue was funny but more so were the plot sequences. My favourite of the film involves: John Cena and a funnel; so, if you haven’t seen the film check it out just for this. I thought the way it followed each individual’s story was commendable, as I really felt I was getting something different from each character. Also their interactions within their respective groups seemed very realistic, for most of the film.

Although I did enjoy this film, there was one key thing that began to annoy me after a while. To begin with I passed it off as I thought it would go away, but unfortunately it didn’t. Although it is a comedy, for a comedy to really work, you have to feel as if each of the actors still embodies and believes in their character’s arc and plight; as otherwise the film itself becomes the thing we are laughing at or are completely detached from. There was enough comedy in this film to keep me occupied from thinking about it for the majority of the time; however, when it came up, which it did a number of times, I just couldn’t fully engage.

As you have probably guessed already, my friends and I, all thought it was a funny film, and I personally must admit I enjoyed it an awful lot more than I expected to. However, at points it felt as if it wasn’t taking itself seriously, which was a real shame, as it really tainted what was a genuinely enjoyable film.

My Rating- 6.5/10 (Enjoyable)

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