Lady Bird

I will just start by saying: I have been looking forward to this film for a VERY long time and therefore after hearing some very good reviews my expectations were warped exceptionally high. For this film to even get close to what I hoped it would it would have to rank as one of my favourite films EVER.

Lady Bird Trailer

Why has it received such critical acclaim?

People have said that this film really brings something new to the table and deserves it’s shot at Best Picture and I was really excited to see what made it stand out. However, I must say that upon my viewing of this film, I couldn’t really pinpoint anything that made it stand out, as a film that should receive such incredible critic ratings. I think the story is interesting and quite emotive, however I must say I didn’t really feel swept along with where the narrative was trying to lead us. In one of the scenes towards the end instead of feeling sad about the protagonists situation; I felt a little detached, as if everything that had happened before was just too incredulous to allow me to truly empathise with characters’ plights. I understand that this film has it’s differences to others that I have ever seen before, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to love it. I think that the acting in this film was pretty incredible; with a clear stand out from me coming from Laurie Metcalf (as Marion McPherson/ Lady Bird’s mother.) She manages to elegantly portray a hard-loving mother who wants to make Lady Bird “the best version of herself” before she eventually leaves and has to go out into the wider world.

What did I think?

Positives- Most of my thoughts I have said before but I will just do a quick recap for this section. I thought it was good because:

1) The story had its interesting points- I enjoyed the experience of watching this film and I feel like the extent to which I did was hampered by my unattainably high prior expectations.

2) The acting was exceptional- I felt Laurie Metcalf led from the front but Saoirse Ronan was also great and was backed up by a fantastic ensemble. (I really liked Lucas Hedges’ acting and I felt that his character really brought depth to the narrative.)

3) The direction was good- I think that had the story been a little more well rounded and engaging, I would have loved this film. But, that shouldn’t take anything from Greta Gerwig who made what was on screen as interesting as I can imagine it could be. Credit to her as well, for being only the fifth woman in the history of the academy awards to be nominated for the Directing Oscar.

Negatives- This film really didn’t work for me and I appreciate some people may love it but as I have explained before, I didn’t. I thought that it wasn’t that inventive and had too narrow a focus to relate with me and broader issues. Many will explicitly disagree but that is just my opinion. To see if I missed anything I am HOPING to see this film again this weekend and I will write a blog to explain any changes in my opinion.

Conclusion- I enjoyed watching this film but I didn’t necessarily believe that it was a great film, which is a shame because I really wanted to love it.

My rating- 7/10

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