Short Term 12

I had heard great things about this film and really couldn’t wait to watch it, so when it finally turned up on the BBC I got my chance. Although I had heard about it, mainly because of Brie Larson, I didn’t actually know any more to the story than the synopsis given on IMDb. Therefore I was excited and a little bit trepidatious, as to what to expect from this film- however, somehow I just knew that it wouldn’t let me down.

What was it about?

Grace (Brie Larson) navigates the complicated waters of working with vulnerable young people and living with her long-time boyfriend Mason (John Gallagher Jr.) Through the course of the film, the people she works and lives with begin to change her, as she helps to change them.

What did I think?

Wow. This film REALLY moved me. I cried at points and I’m happy to admit that. Some of the themes and ideas conveyed implicitly and explicitly by this film are deep and dark, to the point that they demand such an emotional response. The acting was incredible with special mentions going to: Brie Larson and Lakeith Stanfield, who I thought were excellent. Brie Larson portrayed effortlessly, the inner torment of our main protagonist and even when nothing was said, we knew exactly what was implied from her facial expressions and consistently defensive movement. Lakeith Stanfield was magnificent. I have never seen a character who contributes so much of the emotional depth to a plot, while often being in the peripheral.

I thought the writing was smart and allowed the plot to develop in a natural way. Obviously it had climaxes, but often in a more subtle way than you may expect. Loads more characters were developed than I imagined possible in only a 90 minute running time; as, anyone that we were drawn to was developed in both simple and complex ways. I could go on further but I would be writing all day. In short, this film had the whole package.

My only negative for this film is that anything with a 90 minute running time, should never lose my focus and although only briefly this film did.

Conclusion: What an enchanting and haunting film. One of Grace’s sections of dialogue still hasn’t left me and I’m not sure it ever will.

My Rating: 9.2/10

My amended top 3 of the year:

1) Call Me by Your Name

2) Short Term 12

3) Get Out

(So after not even a week Isle of Dogs is out of the Top 3.)

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