Tomb Raider

After only watching one film last week and therefore only being able to do one review; I made to change that over the last weekend and have since watched a grand total of four films, that I will be reviewing over the course of this forthcoming week. For today I will be reviewing Tomb Raider.

What is this about?

Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) is a young and fiercely independent woman, who chooses to battle for herself, rather than take advantage of the vast inheritance left behind by her missing father. That is until she is given an ultimatum: sign for her father’s company and all of it’s assets or let them be sold off. What she soon finds when following the trail left behind by her father, is something she never could have imagined, there was more to his life than just “boardrooms and business deals”. Lara knows that she must finish what he started; but how much will it cost her? And, will she make it back alive?

What are people’s general thoughts about this film?

Films based on a video-games always seem to draw a collective groan from critics and fans alike, as every time they just don’t seem to get it right. Michael Fassbender, Vikander’s other half, starred in a truly terrible adaptation of the very popular video-game series Assassin’s Creed last year. It seems that Vikander has come back this year to redeem the pair. However, based on lukewarm ratings on IMDb at only 6.9/10, a very poor rotten tomatoes score at 49% and past experience with Hollywood in general, I admit I wasn’t particularly optimistic. But I wanted nothing more than for this film to prove me wrong and show me there is something to be said for this genre.

What did I think?

Positives- I must start be saying that I found myself enjoying this film an awful lot more than I imagined I would because:

  1. Alicia Vikander is fantastic- I think she has really dug her teeth into this role because although most of the stuff happening was truly fantastical her acting remained serious and focused. There are scenes throughout the film, and I don’t know whether it is intentional or not, that feel like part of a video game. Finally, I thought that her robotic run was just something she was doing for ‘Ex Machina’ but it turns out that this is just the way that she runs.
  2. The action is very actiony- Sometimes in these films they try and be too smart and leave out action sequences in place of little nuances that are lost on almost everyone. Let’s be honest what we all really want from a film like this is a good build of tension and lots of action and I’m pleased to announce this film has both.
  3. I liked the backstory- I thought it set up film well and I really liked the fox and the hound idea.
  4. The plot twists were intriguing- A key event that happened in this film happened and was quite a shock to the audience but the reason I liked it as much as I did was because it wasn’t revealed in the trailer. Nowadays key plot points are released in the trailer more and more often. For example in the Thor Ragnorak trailer the fact that Thor fights Hulk is released in the trailer. WHY COULDN’T IT JUST BE LEFT TO THE FILM? Anyway this film managed that well so well done.

Negatives- I feel like what was wrong with this film was definitely in the minority but there is no doubt things were wrong. At points the plot is just completely preposterous and makes no sense at all. The main example of this is the ladder scene at the end. Why on earth did she kick the ladder off before she got where she needed to? Moreover, it is quite clichéd but as it’s a Hollywood blockbuster I wasn’t at all surprised. Finally, when Daniel Wu shouts “Go Lara” it is absolutely pathetic and the only reason it didn’t completely detach me was because I was expecting it from the trailer.

Conclusion- I really enjoyed this film and sometimes that is all you need. Therefore I am happy to concede that I was wrong and there is something to be said for the genre. BUT, from the overwhelmingly mediocre response it has received I am worried that a sequel won’t be coming.

My Rating- 7/10

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