Mini Reviews: 10 Cloverfield Lane/ Lone Survivor/ The Book of Life/ Liar Liar

As I have watched a lot of films recently and won’t be able to do a full review on all of them, I thought today I would do a series of mini reviews based on the film listed above.

10 Cloverfield Lane:

This film is a claustrophobic horror thriller, that interestingly builds a sense of intrigue, almost solely from the confines of an underground bunker. With just three actors taking up the majority of the screen time, a lot of emphasis is put on their acting and for the majority they take that brunt well. I definitely don’t think this film is without faults. I think that for too much time nothing happens. Although this may be an attempt to accentuate the claustrophobic nature of the film it just made it boring and left us detached at points. Also I thought the ending was terrible. I don’t know whether this is followed up in the prequel or sequel, because I haven’t seen them, but even if it is, it made our time investment with this film almost worthless (as it was such a small part of a bigger thing.)

My Rating- 7/10

Lone Survivor:

A patriotic war film that follows the true story of four soldiers on their mission to defeat a Taliban stronghold.  Things take a dramatic turn for the worse, when a wandering group, of what look like farmers, end up inadvertently finding them, whilst they’re undercover in the mountains. When the group let the “farmers” go they soon become the victims of a terrifying Taliban onslaught. I thought this film was executed well and highlighted the comradery between the “brothers” in a very moving fashion. I thought the action felt frantic and quite frightening, like how it might have felt in an actual war zone. Finally, I liked the fact that all the soldiers were honoured at the end which gave it a real emotional depth. Conversely, I thought that it was a little bit over-played and over-patriotic with some of the things people said and did. These things may very well have happened and if I am wrong I’m happy to concede, but at points it left me slightly exasperated and detached.

My Rating- 7.5/10

The Book of Life:

An animated feature set on and around ‘The Day of the Dead’, that deals with themes such as: the importance of family, love and loss. This film was very similar to Coco and therefore will require some comparison a little bit later on. I thought this was a very interesting film that had diverse and interesting strains of plot throughout. I thought that the animating style, was different to anything I had ever seen before but in a very positive way as the characters were made to look like the toys shown to the children listening to the story. However, the film felt overlong and as it only had a 95 minute running time it left me beginning to question how great the plot was after all. This left quite a poor taste in my mouth, that I couldn’t shake with this film, even though I had enjoyed it. Now for the Coco comparison. I thought they were similar films that dealt with similar interesting key themes but I must say I thought Coco did it better. The world building done in Coco just wasn’t matched in The Book of Life and that is the main reason for my step down to an 8.

My Rating- 8/10

Liar Liar:

Jim Carrey stars as a lying lawyer forced to tell nothing but the truth for a whole day following his son’s birthday wish. This is a mildly amusing comedy that has some very funny gags and jokes. I enjoyed the central relationship between Jim Carrey, his son and his ex-wife and I felt like in terms of narrative structure, this was what held it together. What we need in a comedy is laughter and although some of the comedy was funny, I felt like we were being fed jokes at 100mph and only a few of them were hitting home. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the film, because I did, but I felt that if more work had gone into scripting, rather than letting Jim Carrey off of his leash, it could have been much better.

My Rating- 6.5/10

My order of preference for these films:

  1. The Book of Life
  2. Lone Survivor
  3. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  4. Liar Liar

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Jude 🙂

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