Lady Bird 2.0

As promised I went to see Lady Bird in cinema again, so I just thought I’d let you know what changed a second time around.

I felt I understood the film a lot better when I watched it a second time around. This is most likely because, for my second screening I was specifically looking for things that I may have missed the first time around and I definitely found them. Subtle and more major plot points were completely lost on me first time around; however, I don’t feel they really added that much to the story. It was still just a good film, with interesting component parts, but it wasn’t anything special. It has still maintained its 8/10 rating, which is a positive, however I didn’t think at any point about bumping it up. It just didn’t have anything that made me think “wow that was different” or “that was interesting” apart from in very brief fleeting moments.

It is GOOD film but by no stretch of the imagination does it live up to the hype that made me think it would be SPECTACULAR.

Today was a shorter post as I have already done my review of Lady Bird so if you are interested in everything that I thought go and have a look as not much has changed.

Jude 🙂

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