Sicario (2015)

This film received very good praise when it was initially released and has continued to be enjoyed by casual viewers ever since. I have to say I was really looking forward to watching this film and was pretty fixed minded in what I expected to get; however what I uncovered when watching completely flipped my expectations on their head. That is not to say it was bad, just not what I had initially expected.

Synopsis- Kate Macer (Emily Blunt,) an idealistic leader of a kidnap response unit, is enlisted to work as part of a more shadowy group that uses unorthodox methods to crack down on the drug trade across the US-Mexico border. How far will she be tested and will she be able to change her idealist nature?

Positives- This film was very intriguing and I have to say at a number of points throughout I didn’t have a clue as to where it was going to go. Moreover, I think that the performances are exceptional across the board with special mentions going to: Benicio del Toro (for continually creating a mysterious, sly, ambiguous atmosphere) and to Emily Blunt (for perfectly portraying a conflicted lead protagonist.) I think this film really did aim high with what it was trying to put across; some of its key themes deviated from stereotypical genre tropes and I liked that but I have to say not all of it worked for me.

Negatives- I have to be honest, I didn’t really understand this film. I like that it tried to aim high, but I think at points it got lost as it tried to convey more thought-provoking ideas and left a lot of loose ends. Also, I thought that a little more action in the build wouldn’t have done any harm especially over a two hour running time. Finally, I thought the ending felt very unfinished. Maybe it was leading onto a sequel; or maybe it was trying to leave the audience on a cliffhanger, sometimes this works for me but I have to say on this particular occasion it didn’t and I just thought it was odd.

Conclusion- I thought this film had the promise to be great but with a couple of fatal mistakes it finished feeling very dissatisfying; which was a real shame as I felt it had real promise.

Rating- 6.5/10

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4 thoughts on “Sicario (2015)

      1. Lubeski was very good but really gained attention for the continuous long takes. For me Sicario had offered so much more visual variety. I particularly loved how he shot the Juarez border sequence.


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