Baby Driver

Director: Edgar Wright

Writer: Edgar Wright

Genre: Action, Crime, Music

Main Actors: Ansel Elgort, Lily James and Kevin Spacey

UK Release Date: 28th June 2017

TV or Cinema: TV (however when it first came out I watched it in the cinema.)

This film is my favourite of all time, EVER. Initially, I thought this may have been because when I watched this film for a first time, it was the first use of my Limitless pass so their  was a certain novelty factor to it. So when I got the DVD for my birthday I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to test whether it was a great film or just a one off stroke of luck. That very weekend at the first opportunity I got we watched it and it did not let me down.

Synopsis- When Baby (Ansel Elgort) stole Doc’s (Kevin Spacey’s) car as a kid and torched it; to pay back his debts he was forced into a crime ring with his only way out to get square. With only one job left, he can’t wait to get out and when he meets Debora (Lily James) he finally has someone to escape to. But can he get out without a hitch? And can he really just leave his old life behind.

Positive- In my humble opinion, films don’t get much better than this.

  1. It is expertly choreographed-  Everything runs to a beat and little mannerisms from a number of the characters, especially Baby, run along to the music in his ears.
  2. The action is exciting- There is not just one single good piece of action more like a number of great action sequences with: car chases, shoot outs and stand offs consistent in sections throughout.
  3. The music choices are great- Although a lot of the songs I hadn’t previously heard before; there wasn’t a single lyric that I thought was out of place. I think a great debt of how fantastic the film turned out to be is owed to the soundtrack, for months after first viewing I continued to listen to it.
  4. The acting is great- I think everybody on the screen does a great job of capturing their emotions: as I really empathised with them or began to dislike them because of their screen presence.
  5. The script is snappy- A number of the elements of the script are truly masterful and I think a lot of the interplay between characters on the screen is because of the way the sleek script is made.
  6. The plot is engaging- I thought the plot was very different to anything I have ever seen before. This may be because I am still relatively young in my watching of older films. However, I believe this film brought something new to the table and did it in an interesting way.

Negatives- My only negative, is really a fault in my understanding about the end, but I can’t really pin this down on the film it’s just how I understood it, or misunderstood it. I believe my thought could still be right but it is hard to discuss without giving spoilers away.

Conclusion- This film is excellent it is really snappy and just works in every sense. Some people may not view it i the same way but as I have said with other films they are wrong. My slight negative down grades this film only slightly from a ten but it is fantastic.

My rating- 9.6/10

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