Maze Runner: The Death Cure

I have read all of the books in this series and regard them as some of my favourite books of all time. I really engaged with them and thought the story was ingenious; however the same can’t be said for the latest film instalment. Maze Runner: The Death Cure (MRTDC) has received generally positive reviews from fans and has received a very respectable 7.0/10 on IMBd at the time of writing. This does not reflect my thoughts at all!

Synopsis- The resistance group Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) is a part of, decide that they need to rescue Minho (Ki Hong Lee) from the clutches of WCKD to help the cause. However when their initial attempt fails, they have to break into the Last City (controlled by WCKD) and get back their friend. All of this is because they plan to escape to a safe-haven where they are free of the Flare Virus and the evil clutches of WCKD.

Positives- The ending to this film was very good. For that brief twenty minutes, to end this 144 minute film, I began to emotionally engage with the characters and their individual and group plights. At this stage it remained relatively true to the source material and actually had some plot lines that the audience could dig their teeth into. Also I have to say that the visual effects were fantastic and this can’t be discredited from them, as these people often receive little praise and are just told what they have to do and when to do it.

Negatives- This film unfortunately had a lot of negatives that I picked up on; this may just be because I brought too much hope in from the books however I believe a lot of my criticism is fair:

  1. Why are all the shots by the enemy to miss- In the very opening scene there is a tiny car and a HUGE plane. The plane then decides, you know what would be cool, instead of actually shooting the car I want to shoot absolutely everywhere that the car isn’t. Cause that will be effective. NO. That is not effective.
  2. The build up is boring- In the book, the build up is really exciting and follows a number of different sub plots off and intertwines with the main plot. However, instead of developing even a single sub plot they just decide to follow the main story which was very boring for the first two hours.
  3. The acting was terrible- At points instead of using any facial expressions, I expected them to just shout them out because at times the acting and speech was so explicit it was quite ridiculous.
  4. Lack of tension- When characters are surrounded in a building full of enemies there is no tension as we always know there isn’t a danger of them suffering from their immediate peril. Also although I have read the book, I felt the film was entirely predictable which made it even more boring.

They mixture of all of these clunky components throughout the film makes it nonsensical and unwatchable.

Conclusion- This is a bad film. If you were thinking about going to see it, DON’T. There are much better films available at the moment so see one of those. What annoys me most about the film, is that with better direction and staying more true to the source material this actually could have been a great film.

Rating- 5.5/10

When I was looking back at this film I initially felt bad for how harsh I had been towards it, but the more I have written this review the more clearly I remember just how bad the film was.

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