Ex Machina

For a while now I have thought about watching this film however as it is a horror/ physiological thriller I wasn’t sure whether I would like it or not. My doubts however were completely unfounded as this film was excellent even though it was a little freaky.

Synopsis- When Caleb (Domnhall Gleason) wins a competition to stay with his employer, Nathan (Oscar Isaac), for a week at his secluded estate he is ecstatic but completely not ready for what he will be greeted with. His employer asks him to carry out the Turing test on an AI he has created called Ava (Alicia Vikander) and through the course of the film we follow the Turing test over its unexpected course.


  1. The plot is exciting- There was hardly a dull moment throughout this film and although a lot of the story is carried out via facial expressions and character movements everything they were trying to convey I felt I picked up on.
  2. The acting is fantastic- Although all of the main three were great, and Sonoya Kisoko as Kyoko was good too, Alicia Vikander’s performance as Ava was just incredible. Her performance made the audience feel both uneasy and included at the same time which added to the tension all the way through.
  3. The Ending is FANTASTIC- I can’t overstate this enough. However the less you know the better it is when you experience it.

and finally…

4. It was just a great overall film- In terms of actual film making or anything like that Coco was probably better however I enjoyed watching this film just a little bit more.

Negatives- In terms of build up to the main plot; in this film it was almost non-existent. I’m not necessarily criticising this but I would have liked to know a little bit more about the characters before their introduction to the secluded house. However in this film there is less than a minute in which a computer says ‘you’ve won’ to Caleb and then cuts to him on a helicopter to the house.

Conclusion- I really enjoyed this film, and with a little bit more build up it would have been in my top 3 ever.


My new top 3-

1) Coco

2) Ex Machina

3) Molly’s game

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