Logan Lucky

Generally, I had heard good things about this film from critic and fan reviews; so I was interested what had pricked people’s interest. Moreover with the cast of this film being particularly A-List with big names such as: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig and many more; I went into this film with relatively high expectations.

Logan Lucky Trailer

Synopsis- Effectively, this is a bank heist movie. However, unlike a standard movie where they might  rob a standard bank or even from an elite event of some kind, in this film they attempt to steal from the shoots that store money in a vault underneath a NASCAR race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Although Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) and Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) have plenty of ideas of to how to get the money out: they need to break into the vault in the first place from Joe Bang (Daniel Craig.) Unfortunately, Joe Bang is a convicted safe-cracker and actually needs to be broken out of prison to help them in any way. With the odds stacked against them and the Logan family curse firmly in opposition, will they get the money and get back in time for Jimmy Logan to go to his daughter’s beauty pageant.

Positives- I have to say I liked this film more than I expected to. I found the interactions between character’s interesting often due to the: weird but intriguing dialogue and the snappy interactions between characters that seemed to be multilayered (with clear emotion) rather than 2D nonsense. I like the bank heist genre and I thought it worked well for exactly the kind of film it was trying to be; it engaged you while you watched it but didn’t really demand thinking about much after the running time was complete. I thought the story was smart and allowed you to draw off on your on tangents for what you thought might happen at many points as the main narrative, and many sub-plots, developed. Finally I really like the ending I won’t give any spoilers but it really worked for for me to top off the film.

Negatives- The variety of American accents on display was truly laughable and at some points made me think it was a joke itself not an action, comedy film. This didn’t really bother me as you get used to it after a while just at some points I was a little bit surprised. Although it was just a word choice I didn’t really understand the significance of the whole “cauliflower” thing; which you will “understand” if you watch the film. It was never explained, or if it was not to my knowledge, as to why they said “cauliflower” it was just said. Finally, HOW WAS THERE ONLY TWO SECURITY GUARDS UNDERGROUND AND NONE IN THE TUNNEL, SURELY THERE MUST HAVE BEEN SOME NEXT TO A VAULT WITH LOADS OF MONEY.

Conclusion- I enjoyed this film as I thought it was very intriguing and although it had some depth was generally solid “watchable nonsense”.

My rating- 7.75/10

My amended top 3:

1) Coco

2) Molly’s Game

3) Logan Lucky

So that is King Arthur out of my top 3 after less than a week.

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