King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

Although I know this is unlikely to win any awards and hasn’t even really been a hit with the general public sometimes you need films like this as a bit of watchable nonsense. Although I wasn’t expecting much: after watching two of Guy Ritchie’s best films in Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels I was hoping that this film would find a way to intrigue me and keep me engaged over the course of this two hour running time. Finally, before I get into the main review, I felt that David Beckham’s cameo was laughably awkward and was just pretty unnecessary.

Synopsis- This is the tale of King Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) unlike you know it due to the introduction of evil mage Vortigen (Jude Law) who has deprived Arthur of his birth right to rule over Camelot. We find ourselves with Arthur grown up with an established position of street power however when the sword in stone reveals itself and everybody is sent to attempt to draw the sword, Arthur draws the sword and his life quickly begins to change.

Positives- Although the plot was completely ludicrous it was genuinely engaging and I loved the characters and the characters’ developments which others say is non-existent. I thought Charlie Hunnam was a radiant screen presence who I was drawn to throughout which was one of the main reasons I think I enjoyed the film as he kept me drawn in. Finally I liked the big and seemingly stupid fight scenes especially the ones when Arthur uses the sword when time begins to slow down like in the Sherlock Holmes films as each strike is planned.

Negatives- Although I enjoyed the plot generally before any plot point happened it was explained to the audience by one of the characters before it happened, leaving nothing in the film to be particularly surprising. For example:

“We must go and raid the castle!”

Characters raid castle.

“We need to shoot them from a house at distance.”

People shot from a house at distance.

And this continues over the course of the film. Moreover the films ending was quite flimsy and so predictable you almost new the worlds that would be said before they were.

Conclusion- Although critically this film doesn’t really tick many boxes surprisingly I enjoyed it and I feel it will be one of my guilty pleasures to watch again in the future.

My rating- 7.625/10

Amended top three of the year puts Pitch Perfect 2 out of the picture:

1) Coco

2) Molly’s game

3) King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

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