Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Last month as part of the Odeon Screen unseen programme I managed to catch this film almost a month exactly before its scheduled UK release. After reading the clues my final guess was this film and I have to say I’m so glad it turned out to be so. It won four golden globes earlier this week including: best actress in a leading role for a drama (in Frances McDorman;) best actor in a supporting role for a drama (in Sam Rockwell;) best motion picture for a drama and best screenplay for a motion picture. Moreover after receiving another nine BAFTA nominations this film is clearly doing well (and it is also turning out to be a hit with the public.)

Three Billboards Trailer

Synopsis- This film takes place months after a brutal killing/ rape that has so far led to no arrests or even suspects. Mildred (Francis McDormand) the mother of the deceased is keen to keep the case in the public eye so puts up “Three Billboards” aimed at the police to bring justice for her daughter. Many have described this film as a dark comedy and I would agree but it’s definitely not non stop belly chuckles as there is lots of dark themes interwoven and underlying.

Positives- It was a very interesting film and going into it knowing almost nothing about it meant I had no previous conceptions of what it would be like so I could just embrace it as it came. The humour aspects of the film were genuinely funny and at times I found myself laughing out loud to the point of embarrassment. The dark themes were intriguing and I found Sam Rockwell’s character to be extremely interesting and unpredictable; (which was my favourite part of the film.)

Negatives- I felt like the ending was a little bit stupid as after the course of the film’s grittiness it was too sentimental for my liking (although it still had some heft.) I feel like Mildred’s character didn’t really have much development and although she may have changed her attitude towards some people her general outlook was maintained.

Conclusion- I thought it was an interesting film but there were many points that annoyed throughout. Also I thought the ending was quite rushed after the long build up with no key end plot point.


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