La La Land

I’ve wanted to watch this film ever since I heard about it back before it’s UK release date on the 12th of January at the start of this year. All of the praise and La La Land backlash just made me more inclined to see what made the film soo critically acclaimed and devisive.

La la Land trailer

Synopsis- Aspiring actress, Mia,(played by Oscar winning Emma Stone) meets the “serious” Jazz musician Sebastian (played by Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling) in a romantic musical and follows their unfolding love story as their lives begin to change.

My thoughts (positive)- The very first dance scene at the car jam sets a truly amazing tone for the rest of the film. It is expertly choreographed and the music genuinely puts a smile on your face. There is such a shining array of colours that pop off the screen that are truly magical. The music overall is FANTASTIC I have since downloaded the soundtrack and can’t stop playing it. The story develops and reveals key plot points and character points at the perfect time allowing the reader to be swept along by the piece. I found it very moving as I laughed while finally moving to tears. I didn’t think I would ever truly love a musical due to my previous reservations about songs in film but I don’t think this film let itself be distracted by that and still had good story.

My thoughts (negative)- I don’t really have any negatives for this film, only that I’m leaving my ten out of ten for if something really blows me away and if I put ten now then I can’t raise it any further.

Conclusion- I really wasn’t expecting this to be so fantastic but it really was. My updated top 3 films now puts Hacksaw Ridge out of the picture. It goes:

1) Baby Driver

2) La La Land

3) Detroit

Rating- 9.5/10

Moreover, I would like to say that the second time I watched this film none of the magic was ruined and it was just as good as the first time. I watched it with my grandma and I’m pleased to announce she loved it almost as much as me.

My grandma’s rating- 9/10

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