Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

After a nice day of two films at the cinema what better way to top it off than another movie at home. In the coming weeks I plan on seeing Pitch Perfect 3 so I thought it was a good idea to catch myself up on the previous instalment which I hadn’t seen despite its release back in 2015.

Synopsis (spoiler free)- After an embarrassing performance from the Barden Bellas that starts off the film; we follow their road to redemption that leads to a performance at the World Championship to restore their “good” name.

Positives- I found this film very funny. At points I was laughing and everyone in my family was laughing so as a comedy it was doing its job. The best bits were when we cut across to the commentators and they said funny stuff like:

Gail- That really touched me

John- Everyone’s touched you Gail but this is something different

and many more jokes along those lines. I also liked how it built on the first film and although it was nonsense it was good, watchable nonsense that engaged me. Finally Fat Amy is just hilarious.

Negatives- Although it was very funny there were dry patches throughout that left a lot to be desired. Moreover although it wasn’t a fantastically long film I think any longer and it would have ruined the film completely as it had already covered everything it needed too and would have been waffle otherwise. I feel that the characters are quite two dimensional and although this is often the case with these kind of films; here we very clearly only see one side to the characters. Finally when do they actually go to college.

Conclusion- I really enjoyed this film as something to watch in the evening on the TV to make me laugh. It wasn’t a layered film with any kind of depth but this isn’t what it tried to be so I can’t really complain.

Rating- 7/10

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