A Bad Moms Christmas

For the first time in a long time I went to the cinema on a Wednesday AFTER SCHOOL; as my parents had decided to watch Murder On The Orient Express. I had seen last Friday but chose not to review as it was good but with nothing spectacular or disastrous. So I thought, and with much debate, should I go to see A Bad Moms Christmas and in the end I decided why not.

Synopsis- Three Moms who each feel they need to take back Christmas in their own way embark on an adventure throughout the film to do just that and with hilarious consequences.

My thoughts (positive)- I honestly thought this film was hilarious. I didn’t stop laughing for almost the full course of the film. Although it’s a stupid comedy type film I really engaged with the characters and I think this is why I enjoyed it soo much. I haven’t seen the first one but after watching this I am very tempted to.

My thoughts (negative)- There was a point in the film where they say that the 19th of December was 5 days before Christmas and I thought I was going mad then they said it again and it proved me right. Apart from that it was just a bit throwaway.

Conclusion- When I came out of the cinema I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed this film. It just worked for me; I laughed all the way through and had a great night.


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