Thor Ragnarok

Over a full week since I’d last seen a film in cinema I thought it was best that I got back up there to watch one. Noticing that a number of new films were out, I had a few to choose from but settled on Thor because I had enjoyed the other films. Also to get me in the mood I had a delicious Pizza Hut buffet with 8 slices of pizza, pasta, garlic bread, salad and a drink.

Synopsis (spoiler free)- Thor is back and must defeat the evil goddess of death to reclaim his home of Asgard. His journey leads him across the 9 realms as he assembles a team named the Revengers.

My thoughts (positive)- It was HILARIOUS. I know lots of films are funny but this genuinely had me laughing out loud and chuckling internally throughout. Although it could have been very cliché and at some points was; it brought something new to the table and different characters meant it was interesting. At no point was I bored and there were plenty of fight scenes that weren’t completely stupid. I liked the story and I think it led to an interesting progression of character for Thor. It had lots of big names with shorter parts too with Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba the two stand outs for me. Again Stan Lee’s role was an interesting addition but most importantly. I LOVE THE ROCK GUY…

My thoughts (negative)- If it would have been longer then perhaps it could have introduced another few characters but I’m only complaining because I liked the characters on screen soo much. The evil character was a little two dimensional which is a problem with most films in this genre but nonetheless it was disappointing. And finally I wanted to see more from the contest of champions because I thought it was an interesting concept.

Conclusion- It was a very good film and so far I’m liking this new brand of marvel films with the new Spider-Man movie being quite good too.


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