The Snowman⛄️

I have to be honest going into this film I kind of wished I was watching the Lego Ninjago movie. However the trailer had caught my attention so I thought I would go and check it out.

Synopsis- Based on the Jo Nesbø novel and following our main protagonist Harry Holt, who is an alcoholic. The story is about a serial killer who leaves snowmen post or pre crime and sometimes cuts up and makes his victims into snowmen.

My thoughts (positive)- I liked the story and I thought the twists and turns were largely effective. Throughout I was left guessing who the killer was and I was never bored. I learnt enough about the characters so I could empathise with them however I didn’t think it was clogged up with backstory to the point it interferes with the main plot.

My thoughts (negative)- With such big stars and a fantastic director I was surprised nothing in the film blew me away. It was a GOOD film throughout with nothing great. Annoyingly large portions of the trailer which drew me in were not in the film. During the film I did not realise this, only afterwards did it occur to me and it really started to annoy me. Large sections of the plot went absolutely nowhere and characters who we thought could have been key turning points made absolutely no difference. The more I thought about the film the more it annoyed me.

Conclusion- I thought it was a good film that built tension well however it could be much better.

Rating- 7/10

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