Wonder Woman

I have wanted to watch this film since hearing rave reviews upon its release in cinema, however every week I planned to watch it something came up. So after waiting for its release on DVD I could finally watch it.

Synopsis- Daughter of the queen of the Amazons, Diana, has been living on Paradise Island all her life but when a call from the outside world comes for help she goes to the front line of World War 1 to defeat Ares.

My thoughts (positive)- I liked the historical context of the film however as it didn’t explicitly state a date for a little while I was left wondering whether it was the first or Second World War. I thought Gal Gadot did a good job of making a supernatural character seem real and the cast generally was good.

My thoughts (negative)- For the first time in a little while I found myself bored during the film. This meant that the plot clearly wasn’t engaging my attention which I found surprising for a film that has such crazy fight scenes. I found that it was far too long for such a throwaway piece of fluff. It focused on one plot point and had hardly any twists along the way that meant we could empathise with the characters so when it finally got the end and stuff did happen I just didn’t care.

Conclusion- It was okay


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