Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

I’ve wanted to watch this film for a while now and I know everybody else will have seen it 100 times but for some reason it has just skipped past me. So I found the box set of the first three (produced) and watched The Empire Strikes Back with my family.

Synopsis- You will all know the story and if you don’t then GO AND SEE IT.

My thoughts (positive)- I really enjoyed the story; more than anything I feel that story is key and this story kept me engaged even with points that the CGI was a bit iffy. The acting was great and I especially felt that Harrison Ford plays Han Solo particularly well because naturally he is quite quirky which works well with what he is trying to portray. Having seen Star Wars IV I think Star Wars V does a good job of expanding the galaxy as we know it with new additions of characters such as Lando.

My thoughts (negative)- The CGI is clearly very dated which made a lot of the scenes seem quite clunky. What made this more of an issue was that after watching films recently where this has been well done and then comparing meant I was getting a very different experience; in a film that heavily relies on effects.

Conclusion- For a Sunday afternoon film with the family this did a good job at improving the mood and overall I liked it.


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