Blade Runner 2049

This may be controversial but I thought it was better than Blade Runner…

Synopsis- This film follows K (Ryan Gosling) as a blade runner. It is 30 years forward from the first instalment and although there are clear themes running through both it feels like a very singular film.

My thoughts (positive)- It was 2 hours and 43 minutes long and I would have happily sat through another few hours because I felt immersed in the story and really empathised with it’s characters. There were soo many plot twists throughout the film that you were left guessing about what was going to happen next and even when things had happened you were still left thinking about them. The cinematography is awesome and wherever K went I was left in awe of what I was seeing on the screen. The music built tension throughout; which we have learnt to expect from Hans Zimmer who is a genius. Finally I don’t think the film relied on the fight scenes to make it interesting, the narrative was genuinely well written and intriguing.

My thoughts (negative)- The way the film was left off made it feel, to me, that it could continue for another 2 hours and still not be finished. Not that this is particularly an issue for me but it hasn’t faired particularly well at the box office and may mean that I won’t get a sequel (WHICH WOULD BE A DISASTER.) Finally there is one part of the film that really annoyed me. Ryan Gosling is walking down a hallway and in a close up shot it shows him purposely moving his foot right up in the air before putting it down, as he walks. However, when it cuts to a long shot his feet are basically along the floor and my confusion was reinforced when it cuts back to the close shot.

Conclusion- That slight blip didn’t really make an impression on my viewing experience as a whole because I loved it.


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