Blade Runner-1982

Today I had a half day and worked out if everything went to plan I would have a two hour slot to watch Blade Runner luckily the film was only 1 hour and 57 minutes because after running from McDonald’s I came home in just enough time to watch the film.

For this film I’m not going to do a synopsis because I’m conscious about giving away any spoilers. 

My thoughts (positive)- I really enjoyed the film it had a really interesting story that linked in well with the book I’m reading. The story was focused but at no point was I bored which made me think it must have been well made. I found myself empathising with the main protagonist and even with the “robots” to some degree. The plot twist at the end was very unexpected and I was impressed how well it was delievered. Also one of the final lines has really stuck with me.

My thoughts (negative)- Although I appreciate it was old the CGI was very dated. Also because I enjoyed it soo much it was too short for my liking and I felt the ending could have easily been extended. However this means that I can look forward to all 2 hours and 43 minutes of Blade Runner 2049.

Conclusion- I loved the film and although I only have to wait two days I’m really looking forward to watching Blade Runner 2049 and I hope it delivers.


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