Goodbye Christopher Robin

After doing a physics practice paper I decided to walk down to my local odeon to see Goodbye Christopher Robin. Although beforehand I wasn’t expecting much I’m so glad I watched it.

Synopsis- This film is about the story behind Winnie the Pooh, one of the best loved children’s books of all time. It follows war veteran A.A Milne and his life after World War One and shows how Christopher Robin came to life.

My thoughts (positive)- This film really packs a punch and going into this film not knowing what it was about I was delighted by what I saw. It is not boring at any point as every scene seems to have a meaning behind it and they all contribute to the overall message. Will Tilston, the actor who plays Christopher Robin, is fantastic. At ten years old in his first film and he feels like one of the pros. Of course there are other great performances but his for me was the stand out. How the film dealt with its subject and the context it was around was really good also.

My thoughts (negative)- I would have liked to have seen more scenes from the war; I do appreciate it wasn’t a war film and was trying to fit in an age category where it would have been accessible for all. However just from a personal perspective I love war films, not that how it was done did not work well. Because it was quite a quiet film the constant munching on popcorn coming from directly behind me was infuriating and meant for the first hour or so I couldn’t fully appreciate the film.

Conclusion- I thought it was a fantastic piece of cinema and made my day even better after a morning of hard work


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