Victoria and Abdul

With another load of Sainsbury’s cinema tickets I headed down to vue lakeside to watch Victoria and Abdul with my parents and my grandma.

Synopsis- This film uncovers one of the untold stories at the very end of Queen Victoria’s reign. Old and depressed with everyone she really loved dead, the queen didn’t really have much to live for. Then an Indian servant is introduced called Abdul, who comes to present a Mohur, and things begin to change.

My thoughts (positive)- This film brought to my attention a story that I previously knew nothing about. Therefore this made developments and twists in the story very intriguing. It was something entirely different to what I’m used to and this is good because I’m always pleased to broaden my horizons

My thoughts (negative)- I thought it felt very long and would have worked better in an hour long slot on the TV. There were two main twists in the story but they felt very predictable and when they were made explicit to everybody in the audience no real sense of drama and peril was aroused. For the first 45 minutes I found myself invested in the characters; however past this the monotony just left me bored and uninterested. The performances were good all round, as you would expect, however during the film we knew no-one would challenge the queen through fear of losing there position. Abdul was just the same in the fact that all he actually did was follow her around the whole film no other side to him was actually shown, leaving us disconnected.

Conclusion- My evening at lakeside was very enjoyable, the film was okay however I have to say I preferred my pizza beforehand.


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