Kingsman the golden circle

Today instead of going to my usual odeon with my limitless card I made the journey to Lakeside’s vue cinema to watch Kingsman with my family. This was because we had free tickets from a Sainsbury’s promotion.

Synopsis- The film follows on from the first instalment and throws us straight in at the deep end with a car fight/chase scene. The film follows on this style throughout the film with more fight scenes than I can even remember. However there are twists and turns along the way and a story, although quite ridiculous, begins to develop. Without giving anything away, it is about a drug cartel but not as you would think.

My thoughts (positive)- For starters, at no point in this film was I bored. There was always something happening on the screen whether that was another plot twist or fighting or Elton John singing it definitely kept me engaged. I really enjoyed the part where Merlin sung John Denver, who’s songs seem to be a recurring theme featuring in Alien: Covenant and Freefire among other recent films. However what I liked most about this film is having all of these people back allowing me to immerse myself back into the World of Kingsman for the 141 minute running time.

My thoughts (negative)- A bit like my review today, the film was quite haphazard and at points I was like wow that happened and then seconds later another explosion would happen and I was left think was that really necessary. Not that I don’t like crazy fight scenes but when there is a row of people with gatlin guns firing at a building and not one of them hitting anything they were aiming for it’s quite crazy. The first scene looked like a computer game and I wasn’t sure whether I was watching him do some high tech training simulator or actually fighting in a car.

Conclusion- This film fits perfectly in my dad’s category of “watchable nonsense” however it was that at its best and was engaged throughout.

Rating- 7/10

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