Super 8

This is a film I have wanted to watch since I was nine years old back in 2011, but at the time my parents decided it wasn’t a film I could watch. Last night while flicking through the channels I noticed that Super 8 was on but as it was already late I thought I’d save it for the next day to watch it.

Synopsis (spoiler free)- This is a film about a group of friends who are making a movie for a film festival and one night when they were filming one of the scenes they witness a train derailment that is the source of scandal. The film goes on to uncover the truth behind what happened that night on the train crash.

My thoughts (positive)- The cast of young actors was fantastic with stand out performances from Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney; who play Alice and Joe in the film. The sense of tension was maintained throughout the story and I never found myself bored while watching the film. I liked the setting of the film with a number of scenes taking place either in fields or from the children’s bedrooms. The underlying narrative of a film within a film I found particularly engaging coming from the perspective of someone who wants to produce films too.

My thoughts (negative)- My main annoyance with this film is the ending, to me it feels quite rushed and I think more could have been done to prolong it. For example  presenting the characters with more obstacles to overcome individually would have been effective, as although they overcome many problems on the way to the end, when they get there it seems like an instant resolution.

Conclusion- However this is not to say I didn’t really enjoy the film because I did and I think me being critical of the end is just picky because of how much I enjoyed the rest of the film. I thought it was very interesting and most certainly worth the wait.

My rating- 8/10

Film(s) I thought it compared to- IT because both are coming of age stories with a group of friends.

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