Baby driver- Film review

Baby driver is probably my favourite film ever. It was also the first film I saw in cinema by myself. I loved the music so much that when I looked for the soundtrack and it was unavailable I made the soundtrack in the exact order with the same songs and listened to it on repeat for the next couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen it then you have to because it is an absolutely fantastic film. Ansel Elgort delivers his performance so well in time with the music that you feel like the scenes are from a well respected musical, due to subtle movements. Even though at points I thought the story was simplistic, I didn’t mind as it just made us empathise with the characters on a material level. Therfore we could believe whilst watching the film that these things could actually happen. The car chase scenes were exciting and not too frequent for us to be desensitised to the action. This also made the violence seem more violent as it was few and far between. This had been a film in the mind of Edgar Wright for a long time and I think he really delivered. Since watching this film I sought out other Edgar Wright films including Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the dead both of which I loved too.


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