Before watching this film if anyone asked me would I like to watch a horror movie my default and plain response was no. However IT had so much hype surrounding it and was also the film of choice amongst my friends so I decided I would break my horror fast to watch this film. When the trailers came on and already I was spooked I was convinced this wasn’t the film for me. However as the film came on I was pleaseantly surprised. For the whole movie, although I felt uneasy, I really enjoyed the thrill of the film. There were certain points that made everybody in the cinema jump clearly out of their seats; but the underlying coming of age story really showed the power and bravery of the children well. Although relatively ignorant to the source material I thought the story was good and Pennywise the dancing clown was genuinely creepy. Bill Skarsgård did a fantastic job at delivering to the audience a realistic clown making the supernatural elements more creepy. In conclusion although I was terrified throughout and would not be in a rush to see another horror movie; I enjoyed the experience and I’m glad I went.


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